Leeloo. She/her. 21. Aries. Lesbian. Graphic Design major. Fueled by black coffee and monster original flavor.
The one and only blue haired lesbian skeleton. Living in my gay little apartment with my gay little friends and having a great time. I have GOT to get more goth.

I do digital art, character art, pixel art, logos, graphic design and all that professional shit, motion graphics, 3d modeling. I also like making friendship bracelets and sketching my little dnd characters in mental anguish and/or memes.

Likes Horror, eldritch horror, technological horror, the overlapping of the two, mindfuck unreality, glitches, monsters, plague doctors, gore horror, taxidermy, skeletons, horror ttrpgs and video games, punk fashion,,,,,,,,,,,, On a lighter note, i like puzzle games, dnd with friends, cats, skeletons, weed, pineapple, sour candy, dark chocolate, and being a sleepy bitch.

Dislikes waking up early, mint chocolate, dogs (allergic), ants, the cold, bbq chips, heavy objects, having to describe myself like in an about page

This site is just a fun project, not trying to be too serious or anything. Kill the part of you that cringes and all that. I love early internet aesthetics and blending them with current trends. This is also a practice project in case I want to make a bigger project in the future. If any potential employers or cohorts find this just pay attention to the personal art gallery and nothing else ok thanks.

Playing: Pokemon Violet, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, SLAY THE SPIRE, Hypnospace 0utlaw, Starbound, Dreamscaper, Modded Minecraft if i'm in a depressive spiral, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, NERTS, shout out to my fav game of all time Inscryption

Watching: Chainsaw man, Drawtectives and Drawfee, jerma985, Snapcube, Daredevil, Twin Peaks, shout out to my fav show of all this year Hannibal

Listening: TWRP, 100 gecs, Devi McCallion, Slothrust, car seat headrest, Lemon Demon, illuminati hotties, Sidney gish, Daft punk, , shout out to my fav concert of all ever TWRP's New and Improved tour

Gear Acer Nitro with an SSD, Wacom 72in tablet, raycon earbuds, a mousepad that is mushrooms.

Software Adobe (unfortunately) Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, AfterEffects. Blender 3d, brackets for coding, firefox baby

The axial skeleton, comprising the spine, chest and head, contains 80 bones. The appendicular skeleton, comprising the arms and legs, including the shoulder and pelvic girdles, contains 126 bones, bringing the total for the entire skeleton to 206 bones. Spine (vertebral column) Human skeleton front en.svg A fully grown adult features 26 bones in the spine, whereas a child can have 34. Cervical vertebrae (7 bones) Thoracic vertebrae (12 bones) Lumbar vertebrae (5 bones) Sacrum (5 bones at birth, fused into one after adolescence) Coccygeal vertebrae/Cordal (set of 4 bones at birth; some or all fuse together, but there seems to be a disagreement between researchers as to what the most common number should be. Some say the most common is 1, others say 2 or 3, with 4 being the least likely.[citation needed] It is counted as 1 in this article.) Chest (thorax) Various bones of the human skeletal system. There are usually 25 bones in the chest but sometimes there can be additional cervical ribs in men. Cervical ribs occur naturally in other animals such as reptiles. Sternum (1 or 3) Ribs (24, in 12 pairs) Cervical ribs are extra ribs that occur in some people. Skull There are 23 bones in the skull. Including the bones of the middle ear and the hyoid bone, the head contains 29 bones. Cranial bones (8) Occipital bone Parietal bones (2) Frontal bone Temporal bones (2) Sphenoid bone (sometimes counted as facial) Ethmoid bone (sometimes counted as facial) Facial bones (15) Nasal bones (2) Maxillae (upper jaw) (2) Lacrimal bone (2) Zygomatic bone (cheek bones) (2) Palatine bone (2) Inferior nasal concha (2) Vomer (1) Hyoid bone (1) Mandible (1) Middle ears (6 bones in total, 3 on each side) Malleus (2) Incus (2) Stapes (2) Arm There are a total of 64 bones in the arms, 32 in each arm Upper arm bones (6 bones in total; 3 on each side) Humerus (2) Pectoral girdle (shoulder) Scapula (2) Clavicle (2) Lower arm bones (4 bones in total, 2 on each side) left bone Ulna (2) Radius (2) Hand (54 bones in total; 27 in each hand) Carpals Scaphoid bone (2) Lunate bone (2) Triquetral bone (2) Pisiform bone (2) Trapezium (2) Trapezoid bone (2) Capitate bone (2) Hamate bone (2) Metacarpals (10 bones in total; 5 on each side) Phalanges of the hand Proximal phalanges (10 bones in total; 5 on each side) Intermediate phalanges (8 bones in total; 4 on each side) Distal phalanges (10 bones in total; 5 on each side) Pelvis (pelvic girdle) The pelvis (or hip bone) is made up of three regions that have fused to form 2 coxal bones. They are: ilium, ischium, and pubis The sacrum and the coccyx attach to the two hip bones to form the pelvis, but are more important to the spinal column, where they are counted. Leg There are a total of 60 bones in the legs. Femur (2) Patella or kneecap (2) Tibia (2) Fibula (2) Foot (52 bones in total, 26 per foot) Tarsus/Tarsals Calcaneus or heel bone (2) Talus (2) Navicular bone (2) Medial cuneiform bone (2) Intermediate cuneiform bone (2) Lateral cuneiform bone (2) Cuboid bone (2) Metatarsals (10) Phalanges of the foot Proximal phalanges (10) Intermediate phalanges (8) Distal phalanges (10)